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Hilton Tbilisi

Total Investment size US$ 70 M

Located on Kostrova Street, Hilton Tbilisi will be equidistant between two of the city’s most vibrant and colourful districts. Tbilisi’s main thoroughfare, Rustavelli Avenue, three kilometers away and spotted with picturesque architecture, is home to the city’s main cultural, religious and government buildings. Vake, the city’s busy commercial district and the heart of Tbilisi’s developing financial center, can be found the same distance in the opposite direction. Hilton Tbilisi will also be two kilometers from the city’s main train station and 15 kilometers from Tbilisi International Airport.

Prime House - Bagebi

Prime House - Bagebi

Prime House - Bagebi

Prime House - Bagebi

Prime House – Bagebi

Total Investment size US$ 5 M

Construction of high-tech, energy efficient housing complex and business center starts on the territory adjacent to Bagegi, Tbilisi. BBC Construction will implement construction works by the order of the investment company “Granat Investment”. The new project is distinguished by merging high quality and modern technological challenges: more specifically, the construction will be made using facade fine-grained concrete provided by GBC, the exclusive representative of the world’s leading company LAFARGE in Georgia.


(After completion of the project, the business center will seat LAFARGE’s headquarters along with offices of other international companies “). DOKA’s casing (formwork) systems will be used, and the facade will be covered with high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) panels. The project includes aluminum stained glass and telescopic (including 1 passenger and 1 freight) elevators. The building’s parking lot will be equipped with: industrial flooring, solar panels, with fast and standard electric chargers that promote ecological cleanliness, encourage owners of electric vehicles (EVs) and customers of the so called car-sharing services. It is necessary to point out that the fire safety system will meet the highest safety standards: besides for the main smoke detection / quenching system, sprinkler systems will be also installed in all apartments. Finally, the project also envisages arrangement of green yard.


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